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With your help, we will make it happen!


We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone that has participated in all of our Annual Turkey Drives. Our requirement in 2022 was 3,557 turkeys and when all the numbers were in, our final count was 3,609!


Each year, you helped ensure every registered family in the area enjoyed a turkey at Christmas and throughout the following cold months.

Our sponsors and supporters not only enable us to store the turkeys and transport them, but are also instrumental in allowing us to update the people through internet using the turkey talley on Facebook and X, along with the road sign in front of the fire station. As always, special thanks to the media for continuing to play an integral part in the turkey drive. You all seem to have so much fun with it and we truly appreciate the job you do.

There are so many stories surrounding the turkey drive year after year, but whether the stories were greeted with smiles or tears, the people are sincere and want to share their personal experience while at the same time bringing in a turkey. We are visited by many organizations and individuals including Santa Claus, school classes, day care children, various companies, etc.

To the parents bringing their children with them... thank you! It is important at this stage in their lives that they learn at home to give and help the less fortunate people. That is one of the reasons why the Local 999 I.A.F.F. Moncton Firefighters Association and I undertake this campaign each year. A good example is the staff at Bessborough School who walk the students down to Turkey Central each year. They bring 100 plus turkeys with money raised through various fundraisers. A fantastic undertaking by the students, under the leadership of all the teachers, which show the true spirit of giving.

Although the turkey drive is very busy at times, we hope we are able to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to drop by and participating. It's you, the people, that make it happen every year and you all should be very proud of how the community benefits from your good deeds. Thank you also to the families who give us the opportunity to help serve them in their time of need.

I look forward to being there with you again for this year's Annual Turkey Drive.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Sue Stultz

"The Turkey Lady"

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